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Mobile Green Screen

Any Workplace is a Studio

A green screen backdrop will offer amazing possibilities in terms of creativity and practicality.  They are most often used to create an impressive backdrop that will not only hide the actual location of the filming but also give endless possibilities in terms of backdrop, branding and worldwide fabulous locations.

In addition green screen can be used to help illustrate your point or brand message by placing you, your products or your presenters within any surreal context that supports the script’s narrative.

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The World from a Different Perspective

Our state of the art filming drones can be used to capture amazing aerial footage or photography.  They capture full 4k HD video and can be used to not only capture stunning scenery and locations but also close up detailed shots of presenters, cars and buildings.

Our range of qualified pilots can operate drones that range from small indoor drones for small spaces or when required drones that can be operated to fly as far as the eye can see.

Increasingly, legislation and legal restrictions are being enforced by the police and UK authorities so we recommend clients only use fully qualified and insured pilots even on the smallest professional drone projects.

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Market Research

Your Customers are Talking, but will you Listen?

We have years of experience in filming and editing independent customer feedback to help create short video testimonials that cover each consumer’s thoughts on their own service and product experiences.  We travel high and low across the UK in order to locate the correct demographic customers who are often selected by our clients from their own data base or from our own research.

However, some of our most powerful and engaging feedback comes from people who are simply approached on the street, in car parks or whilst shopping.

This service is not as easy as most people think, the skill is often in the understanding and empathy of the interviewer. We have developed many tactics over the years that help us receive the desired response, whilst at the same time leaving the customers feeling valued and appreciated no matter how challenging the live response may be.

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Studio Hire

Our BB11 (Burnley, Lancashire) based filming studio is located within our seclude office building and offers easy access from the M65 junction 9, just 15 miles from Manchester.  We have extensive parking and a wonderful backdrop location looking over Pendle Hill and the Ribble Valley.

The studio is 10 x 5 x 3 meters; with easy access garage doors.  We have professional lighting, green screen, pure white or pure black backdrops along with a range of Sony full 4K HD film cameras and excellent sound recording equipment available on-site.

The studio offers excellent acoustics for the highest quality sound recording.  The unit is located within a private homestead with 24/7 security and CCTV so products and for equipment can be stored overnight is needed.

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Bespoke and on-brand

Most of our clients know what they want to communicate, they also often have a good idea of how they would like their film or video to look! But rarely do they have the time or desire to sit and type up a detailed briefing with deadlines, story boards and dialogue.

This is where we can help, we offer a free consultation and outline briefing service as part of every film or video we produce.  Our clients don’t need to worry about the creative or logistical documentation needed to bring a production to life; they need only to focus on the approval of planning and content included.

For clients who are looking for inspiration, new creative ideas or a fresh approach to reengage an audience we can offer up to 3 fully storyboarded marketing concepts for you to consider.

As part of this service we would consult with several creative professionals who would each pitch their own creative concepts and we would work in partnership to then produce the preferred offer.

Whatever your looking to achieve we can help, and if we can’t we know someone who can.


For many years we have been supplying corporate photography alongside our film and video productions. This service could be as simple as asking one of our skilled camera operators to take a few professional standard snaps during the filming, right up to a dedicated pro-shoot where the photography takes the lead, for example when shooting content for a corporate brochure or news story where the photo is king.

Our aim is to showcase the best of you and your business. When selecting the best photographer for your product or event we will match your requirements to the skills and talents from our talent pool of award winning photographers. We should remind our new clients that not all photographers are the same, the type of person who can produce amazing shoots in a fashion studio could be entirely unsuitable for filming a moving vehicle in a snowy remote location. We have 30 years of experience and have worked with some of the world’s best and this experience helps us select the best option for your needs.

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Camera and Crew Hire

We can supply filming equipment and appropriately skilled staff to assist you with your own productions. Our equipment includes broadcast standard Sony FS7 cine camera, Sony A7S II, Sony FS700, DJI Inspire 1 Drone, DJI Ronin-M Gimbal, Several GoPro Hero 4 Cameras, data projectors, Camera Jib, Tracking vehicle, Dolly and more.

This service could suit clients who want to document an event without knowing an end result, or trade contacts who need support for their own projects.


Talent - Actors - Presenters - Music

We have a range of highly skilled, quality assured professionals at our disposal to meet and enhance all your production needs with a variety of trained and experienced, actors, voice over artists, presenters and models.

Social Media Management

We are experts in social media management and we can help you create or enhance your social media presence. Our clients are often aware of the importance of a strong social media presence but are sometimes unsure how to strengthen or create one. From technical advice, implementation of new videos or clips, to the creation of a personal YouTube channel we can provide whatever is necessary in order to attain this.

Live Web Broadcast

Stream LIVE to the Internet


Tracking Vehicle


Big Screen Display

With this service we are able to provide you with big screen projection equipment accompanied by a skilled professional to operate it. This equipment also allows us to project live feeds of the current event onto the large screen display.